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Think you're too small to catch the attention of hackers? Big mistake. Your company might be exactly what they want. Read the INC. article.

Comprehensive IT Security & Infrastructure & Solutions.
Design, installation, system integration, managed services & consulting.
Why L4 Networks?
On-site support & installation in Delaware, D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and West Virginia. Learn more

One size certainly does not fit all, especially in today's tight budget environment. Using a consultative approach, our engineers work with you to understand your business needs and recommend and provide solutions and services that match your specific needs, IT environment and budget.

"Our Internet Service Provider gave us a firewall so we are protected, right?"

Wrong. ISP's are all about maximizing their profit. The firewalls they provide are of poor quality, installed as "one size fits all" configurations and administratively are poorly secured. They are not monitored and can be penetrated within seconds by standard tools available to hackers. The networks they install are flat which means once penetrated: all systems on the network are accessible to hackers. Assets inside your network are not firewalled from each other. Endpoint security is totally ignored by the major ISPs. Even worse, their installers are poorly trained. Learn More

Solution Focus: Thin client systems and Server Based Computing

Thin client computing, Server Based Computing, BYOD, centralized desktop computing, VDI, and cloud computing are great buzz words. But what about these technologies? Do they make sense for your business? As a Microsoft, Citrix and Fujitsu/VMware Partner we have deployed and manage numerous hosted and Virtual centralized desktop systems our customers since '05. We do not like the word expert as I.T, changes to quickly. What we have is what matters: experience. Read more on Virtual Desktop Technologies.

New! Secure your enterprise with Multi-factor Authentication and Single Sign On (SSO) from SecureAuth. Learn more

Read about the Target Stores Breach in our recent newsletter here.

We just don't talk about IT, we get IT done.SM

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